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Everything You Need to Know About Palatal Expanders

Early orthodontic treatment can vastly limit the treatment and adjusting you will need later in life. It gives an orthodontist the ability to monitor the growth of the jaw and guide incoming permanent teeth. It allows the doctor to regulate the width of the upper and lower dental arches to gain space for permanent teeth, … Continued

The Different Types of Braces

Not many people are born with perfectly straight teeth and perfectly aligned jaws, providing a perfect smile. That’s why orthodontic treatment has become one of the first services people turn to when looking to transform their smile and facial appearance. But, the prospect of getting braces can seem like a downer at just about any … Continued

When Do I Get My Braces Off?

As ready as you may be to get your braces taken off finally, is your mouth ready for your braces to come off? For most people, the timeline for wearing braces is about 1-3 years. There are some cases that can lengthen this process, but the only way to get to the perfect smile quickly … Continued

Braces Or Invisalign: Which Is Right For You?

Here at Oread Orthodontics, we believe you should have all the information you need to make the best choice for your smile. That’s one reason we offer free consultations for patients of all ages throughout Lawrence, Topeka, and Baldwin City! During your initial visit to one of our three conveniently located offices, our expert team … Continued

Identifying and Breaking Harmful Oral Habits

Over the years, the Oread Orthodontics team has successfully treated many patients throughout Lawrence, Baldwin City, and Topeka. We’re always blown away at the hard work and dedication that patients like you put into achieving and maintaining a beautiful smile! Our team is always happy to offer advice on how to improve oral health, but … Continued

How To Care For Your Smile In Between Orthodontic Visits

Here at Oread Orthodontics, we’re committed to creating healthy smiles that look incredible and feel amazing, too. Although we use the latest in orthodontic technology and perfect our technique daily, there’s another essential element in achieving the best results—our patients! By following our guidelines and maintaining an excellent oral hygiene routine in between visits, you … Continued